Epic Technology to stop the corruption in Chile: an alternative inspired from the literature

  • Lucio Cañete Arratia Departamento de Tecnologías Industriales de la Universidad de Santiago de Chile
  • Karla Padilla Antezana Educación para el Movimiento
Palabras clave: epic, corruption, technology, simile, literature, courage, intelligence


Regarding the growing corruption uncovered during the last two years in Chile and as an alternative to the traditional recommendations to stop this evil, it is proposed a new way to alter the environment whose features has a simile with the epic genre of literature. It is about the actions of a citizen who, faced with adversity, he performs a heroic action in search of an achievement valued by the nation. This non-traditional way of dealing with corruption plenty of both huge courage and singular intelligence, was conceived initially only for fun in the hope that in the near future it could inspire efficient solutions.


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