Optimal choice of consumables and reasonable speed traffic to promote energy saving

  • Felipe Gutiérrez Cerda Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso
Palabras clave: Climate Change, Energy Efficiency, EcoDriving, Sustainability, Transportation


Possibilism perspective indicates that the human being is able to make a suitable technological development, effectively changing their natural environment according to their needs. The automotive industry has made efforts to improve the efficiency of fuel consumption. This has led various technology developments under obtaining an increase automotive engine performance, and thus cut the environmental impact and consequences of climate change. Based on the approach to the problem, this research focused on two goals. Describe the criteria to consider addressing the various alternative fuel consumables, to guide motorists identifying the most relevant variables of consumption. In addition, contrast the speed and regime a vehicle speed versus time travel in a controlled setting, to set up single criteria savings to motorists. About the first goal, it was possible to visualize the range of possibilities available for the correct choice of inputs in view of obtaining energy efficiency. However, it notes that each user must correctly choose each consumable under technical profile who own vehicles. Regarding the second goal, it could get a ratio of consumption rate compared to the decrease in travel time. Based on this, we see how far it is possible to cut travel time versus fuel economy.  As a result, the horizon of Possibilism is completely convenient, be aware of the right to opt for a more reasonable both modes of transport, alternative input, and traffic speed.


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