Chile facing the Global Warming: discussing a territorial annexation of some flood-prone countries in the Western Pacific

  • Lucio Cañete Arratia Universidad de Santiago de Chile
Palabras clave: territorial annexation, Global Warming, risk, geopolitics, SIDS, technology


Since humanity is facing a Global Warming where some of its effects will be both the rise of ocean levels and the increase aggressiveness of storm surges, many States located in low-lying islands are at risk of losing part of its surface and even disappear. Indeed, many of these small countries are not only characterized by its low altitude, but also by its low GDP per capita, a condition that makes them even more vulnerable to sea rise and violence triggered by climate change that approach. In such a scenario certainly likely at the end of this century, Chile can now take a global prominence thanks to its oceanic conditions and its integration into the international community, both qualities that this country often declares. Indeed, Chile can propose an annexation to the governments of the Pacific Small Island Developing States (SIDS); making that population and territories are Chileans and avoid future and pejorative immigration status or environmental refugees. These news Chileans could settle in regions as Aysén, promoting their development; while on the other side in what remains of the abandoned islands, Chile can materialize science centers, facilities for the exploitation of natural resources and military bases; thus achieving an effective screening throughout the Pacific. To develop this ambitious project, it must overcome several obstacles, including producing evasive and disruptive technology for the dangerous islands.


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