Assisted mass removal in water as morphometric parameters

  • Fabiola Barrenechea Garrido Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins
  • Abel Fuentes Garrido Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins
Palabras clave: hazard, hydrologic morphometry, landslide


Chile, for its natural geomorphological structure, constantly has recorded several natural events that havebeen causing a huge number of losses, both human and material, most of them concentrated in its Central Zone.The most common natural events in the Central Zone are floods and mudslides, given by the topographic and climaticfeatures present in that area, with an a large mountainous area and rainfall periods when the soil is devoidof vegetation , thereby dragging materials that are deposited in the lower valleys. That is why this study seeks todetermine areas with landslide threat as a tool to support decision-making authorities who are facing emergencysituations. The methodology was adapted from the Ministry of Public Work method in the “Study of EnvironmentalFacets”, consisting in the intersection of hydrographic parameters using a Geographic Information System, throughthe use of tools such as the Model Builder. According to the results, the Metropolitan Region of Santiago has a largepercentage of its surface with the threat of mass movement processes, indicating that the instruments of land shouldconsider this type of study when planning to use the territory.


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