Evaluation of smooth muscle relaxant potential of Bismarckia nobilis (Hildebr. & Wendl.) in diarrhea, hypertension and asthma by ex-vivo and in-vivo method

  • Fatima Saqib
  • Naila Jabeen
  • Muhammad Riaz
  • Gabriela Sechel
Palabras clave: Bismarckia nobilis; Spasmolytic activity; Anti-asthmatic activity; Hypotensive; Diarrhea; Calcium channel blocker


To explore the mechanistic basis behind smooth muscle relaxant prospective of Bismarckia nobilis in gastrointestinal, respiratory and cardiovascular ailments. The methanolic extract of B. nobilis and sub-fractions have been evaluated in vitro rabbit isolated tissues, in vivo castor oil-induced diarrhea in rats and charcoal meal activity in mice. The B. nobilis extract relaxed spontaneous and K+ (80 mM)- induced contractions in rabbit isolated jejunum preparations, CCh (1 μM) and K+ (80 mM)-induced contractions in tracheal and bladder preparations, PE (1 μM) and K+ (80 mM)-induced concentrations in aorta preparations, likewise verapamil. Spasmolytic activity of dichloromethane fraction is stronger as compared to aqueous fraction. In vivo castor oil-induced diarrhea in rats and charcoal meal activity in mice further supported spasmolytic activity. B. nobilis extract possess anti-spasmodic, anti-diarrheal, airway relaxant and vasodilator activities possible mediated through calcium channel blocking mechanism, justifying therapeutic utility of B. nobilis in diarrhea, asthma and hypertension.


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