Essential oil composition of the Balkan endemic Thymus longedentatus (Degen & Urum.) Ronniger

  • Ina Aneva
  • Antoaneta Trendafilova
  • Milena Nikolova
  • Milka Todorova
  • Kristina Georgieva
Palabras clave: Thymus longedentatus; Essential oil; Medicinal plant; Aromatic plant


The chemical composition of essential oil obtained from the aerial parts of the Balkan endemic species Thymus longedentatuswas studied by GC-MS. Twenty eight compounds, consisting 98.2% of the total components were detected in amounts exceeding 0.1%. The oil was characterized by relatively high concencentration of oxygentated monoterpenes (78.7%), among which citral isomers neral (27.5%) and geranial (30.3%) were the principal ones. In addition, 1,8-cineole (7.8%), trans-β-ocimene (7.5%), and β-myrcene (3.7%) were detected in significant ammounts. Germacrene D (4.4%) was found to be the main sesquiterpene in the essential oil.


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