Evaluation in vitro of proliferative activity of epithelial cells by flavonoid 3-O-methylgalangine and terpenenic derivative Filifolinone

  • Claudio Valdés
  • Beatriz Valenzuela
  • Brenda Modak
Palabras clave: Proliferative activity, 3-O-methylgalangine, Filifolinone


The skin is the largest organ of the human body and its main function is to protect it from the external environment. It is exposed to injuries that require a rapid healing process to recover its functionality. Microorganisms inhabit the skin, which makes up the normal microbial flora, but in situations of injury they can cause infections that slow down the regeneration process. Therefore, there is a great interest in the development of alternative methods to accelerate the regeneration process and prevent infections. In this work, the efficacy of flavonoid 3-O-methylgalangine and the terpenic derivative Filifolinone and its mixtures, isolated from plants of the genus Heliotropium, on the stimulation of cell proliferation was evaluated. The results showed that the mixtures stimulated proliferation and migration in MA104 cells mainly due to the presence of Filifolinone, that together with the known antibacterial activity of 3-O-methylgalangine, opens new alternatives for the use of natural compounds in healing processes.


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